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I came up with this when I needed a quick way to look at prospective clients. This allowed me to look at the important factors behind web marketing, so I could have an idea of what it might take for us to have a successful campaign- whether for SEO or other online marketing efforts. I decided to share it with you. While not a comprehensive assessment, I hope this SEO site audit helps you understand your website better- and learn what it will take for you to grow your business through online marketing.

Here are some of the things that you will learn from this website audit:

  • Basic site audit report:
    • Understand how your website was built. You might already know this, but if you don’t you should.
    • See if your website has been hacked. You can’t do SEO on a website that’s been hacked.
    • Learn if your website is mobile-friendly. Google evaluates your entire site based on your mobile experience.
    • Does your website load quickly? It better.
  • Information more unique to an SEO site audit:
    • Does your website have unique content?
    • Can the search engine spiders crawl your website?
    • Does your website use structured data?
    • Is your business in a competitive industry that would make an SEO campaign slow?
    • What do other websites think about your site?
    • Are other websites sharing the correct contact information?

Of course, if you need a more comprehensive SEO audit, we can help you with that too.

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