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Excel Formula: Avg Monthly Searches from Groupings in AdWords Keyword Planner


The other day Google stopped providing an estimate of search volume for each keyword.

The Principles of Link Building


Link building is essential to a successful SEO campaign. No mater how you build links, please remember these principles.  

Link Building Will Always Be Part of Google’s Algorithm


If you understand the history of Google, you know that link building will always be a part of their algorithm.

Why Everyone Should Start a Small Bing Ads Campaign


Bing? Really? Everyone knows that Bing has a fraction of Google’s users. Why would you want to spend money to advertise on their network?

How to Build Internal Links (with Screaming Frog)


One of the most powerful, but underrated, tactics in SEO are internal links. If you do One Thing, this month, build some internal links to an important landing page on your website.

How Should I Market My Company Online?


Marketing is effective online but not every online marketing channel is right for everyone.

Combine Marketing Channels for Greater Efficiency

further education: group work

Some online marketing channels work well together. When you combine your efforts, you’ll find you’ll get a little more out of each. Time and money are always limited. Build some efficiency in your marketing efforts…

Simple and Quick Keyword Research


Keyword research is fundamental to any search marketing campaign. If nobody’s looking for you, you should not put your time and money into a search campaign. 

9 Ways to Get More from Your Copywriters


It can be difficult to trust third-party copywriters to write for your company. Here are 9 things you can give a copywriter to ensure better content.

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