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David Zimmerman

David Zimmerman (aka: "Zimorama") is an online marketer who started Reliable Acorn LLC in 2015.

Are You Measuring Your Website’s Success?

We know our business objective.  We know how our website will help us accomplish that business objective. How are we going to measure them? This is where we get the power of marketing through our…

Does Your Website Help Your Business?

In order to get the most out of your website, you need to measure everything. Before you begin to measure everything, you need to determine your business objective. Step two is to ask, “How is…

Get the Most from Your Website: Measure Everything

I’ve been in internet marketing, especially search marketing, for about 11 years now. Four years ago, I went out on my own, started my own thing. And I tell you, over all this time, I’ve…

Evaluate Your Website’s Success with Data Segmentation

Now that we’re able to establish our business objective, see how our website will accomplish it, and set up the tracking to measure it, now we can know how to evaluate our website’s success.

SEO for Google Images

As we rely on screens more, our culture is becoming more and more visual. As a result, modern web design is all about images. This is where web design can come into conflict with SEO-…

Why Someone Else Should Write Your Website’s Content

In my 10+ years of experience working in internet marketing, content creation is one of the hardest parts of my job. Not creating it- that’s easy. The hard part is convincing clients on the importance…

Google’s UX Playbooks (TL;DR Editions)

Recently Google “accidentally” released user-experience playbooks for several industries. These documents tell you the best ways to get more out of your website’s traffic. I think they can help your site bring more value, too.

What WordPress Developers Need to Know About Links and SEO

This is the final part of a presentation I gave at WordCamp for WordPress Developers and SEO in Asheville. Even if you don’t use WordPress, I think you’ll find this useful. Here’s the video, if…

What WordPress Developers Need to Know About Content and SEO

This is part of a presentation I gave for WordPress developers about SEO in Asheville- for WordCamp. Even if you don’t use WordPress, this might still help you. You can watch the video, too. SEO…

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