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Get more out of your marketing with retargeting

If you do One Thing this month, to improve your online marketing efforts, setup a retargeting pixel on your site. retargeting is one of those marketing efforts that can help almost everyone. If it were…

What is HTTPs and what does it do for you?

Ever since Google suggested websites move to HTTPS, a lot of businesses have made the migration. Along they way, many of them had made mistakes. Some of these mistake come from mis-understanding what this really…

Why I’m partnering with Yext

I recently decided to become a Yext partner to better help my clients who have brick-and-mortar locations. Yext is the most efficient and most effective way to manage local listings across the web.

9 Ways to Make Your Visitors EAT-up Your Website?

When I’m not on the internet, I’m in my kitchen. I love cooking because I love eating. As an aspiring chef I’ve learned that food not only has to taste good, but has to look…

How to Solve Lead-Quality Problems

Have you ever had a hard time seeing the value of your marketing efforts? Have you ever found yourself in a debate about lead quality between sales and marketing? These are common problems for many…

Invest in the Long Tail- It Will Pay Off!

Client: I noticed that visits are down but sales are up. Should I be concerned? Me: No- you should be overjoyed!

Watch Your SEO Campaign with a Google Analytics Dashboard

We’re all busy. It’s easy to overlook important things while being pressured by the tyranny of the urgent.

Find Blogging Opportunities with Twitter

Are you looking for websites that will allow you to post a guest blog post? One of the best ways to do this is with Twitter. Let me show you why, and how.

Enhance your SERPs with Breadcrumb Markup

Just because your website ranks in Google, doesn’t guarantee you’ll get any traffic. One way you can help: stand-out from the other pages in the search results.

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