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Here are some internet marketing tips that can help you grow your business. These posts are more practical, in nature, and are designed to be actionable items that you can use to get more traffic- and more customers!

There’s never a lack of things you could do to grow your business online. It’s always a question of doing the most effective thing considering our limits. Every business has limits. For some, money is the limit- you have a small marketing budget. For other companies, the limit is time- there’s always something else you must do now. The internet marketing tips we’re providing to you, here, are designed to be an effective use of your limited resources. After all, time is money.

What WordPress Developers Need to Know About Links and SEO

This is the final part of a presentation I gave at WordCamp for WordPress Developers and SEO in Asheville. Even if you don’t use WordPress, I think you’ll find this useful. Here’s the video, if…

What WordPress Developers Need to Know About Content and SEO

This is part of a presentation I gave for WordPress developers about SEO in Asheville- for WordCamp. Even if you don’t use WordPress, this might still help you. You can watch the video, too. SEO…

Important Technical SEO Considerations for WordPress Sites

This is the third part of a WordPress SEO talk I gave in Asheville for WordCamp. The first defined SEO. The second talked about measuring SEO efforts. While this is specific to WordPress, I’m sure…

How to measure an SEO campaign

This is the second part of a presentation I did for WordPress developers about SEO at WordCamp Asheville. You can read the first part (which defines SEO) before you read this or watch the entire…

What is SEO? What SEO is not.

This is a partial transcript of a presentation I gave about SEO for WordPress sites at WordCamp Asheville. Even if you’re not using a WordPress site, I think you’ll find this useful. I don’t like…

Get More from Your Website from Hotjar

A few months ago, at a conference, I was introduced to Hotjar. This is a service that allows you to watch people interact with your website (among many other features). When I got home, I…

The Occasional Website Checklist

It takes a lot of effort to maintain- let alone market- a website. That means some things get overlooked. Here’s a list of things you should check on your site now and then. Are your…

Get Found for Services Near Me

I’ve noticed an increasing trend recently: people looking for services that are nearby. Is this something your company should consider? If so, how can you be found by people looking for services near you?

How to Pitch Your Company for Press and Links

An important part of online marketing, especially SEO, is what other websites say about your business. According to Google’s manual reviewer guidelines, a quality website is one owned by a respectable company. What makes a…

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