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A productive internet marketing strategy makes your marketing efforts more effective. Many businesses approach their marketing like testing pasta- throwing it against the wall and hope it sticks. They end up with a big mess and no results.

Taking the time to plan an internet marketing strategy will make sure you use your limited time and budget effectively.

Of course, not every strategy works for every business. The key to a successful strategy is making sure you can measure the results. This way you know your internet marketing campaign is effective. This will also prevent you from being distracted by every tactic you hear about, and only focus on the most effective means of acquiring new customers.

Need some inspiration? Here are some strategic ideas to get you started. Need help coming up with a strategy for your business? Ask us a question in the comments or contact us today.

Are You Targeting the Wrong Job Level with B2B Content?

Did you know that C-level executives delegate the research portion of the buying process to other members of their team about 60 percent of the time? Yet, many B2B marketers create content that specifically targets…

Best Practices for Email Re-Engagement Campaigns

Every company has a list of leads who, at some point in the past, were interested and engaged with their company, but have since gone cold. Is it worth it to attempt to re-engage those…

Why Are B2B Sales Cycles So Long and What Can Be Done About It?

Wouldn’t it be great if every customer you talked to knew exactly what they wanted and were ready to buy it right then and there? Unfortunately, that’s a rare event for most salespeople. Instead of…

Why Aren’t B2B Marketers Making the Most of Analytics Technologies?

In this day and age, there is really no reason that marketers have to only rely on their gut to make marketing decisions as they might have in the past. Technology is advanced, and the…

B2B Marketing Content Must Focus on All Stages of the Buyer’s Journey

In a recent study from the Content Marketing Institute, it was determined that almost half of the content used by B2B marketers so far this year targeted customers in the early stage of the buyer’s…

What are the most competitive industries in Google?

How long is it going to take for your SEO campaign to see results? Is SEO the best way to market your company? These are a couple of questions whose answers should consider the competitive…

How Can B2B Marketers Engage More Targeted Prospects?

It seems that B2B marketers are still struggling to engage targeted prospects. That’s reported to be the biggest challenge in generating new leads, just as it was last year. According to the 2019 B2B Marketing…

The Universal Content Calendar

Time is always limited. We always want more. If there is one thing that will help every company market themselves online, with limited time, it would be regular blogging. A content calendar can help you…

Convince Your Boss To Make Your Mobile Site a Priority

Those of us who follow Google (like yourself) know of the coming algorithm change. Soon (if not already) Google will be ranking your desktop site based on your mobile experience. That means: if your mobile…

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