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How Unique Does My Content Need to Be?

Content is one of the most useful tools marketers have to offer their clients. It can increase visibility when SEO is done right. It can engage website visitors and keep them coming back. Iit can strengthen credibility, potentially improving conversions.

However, these positive outcomes require that your content is good – and that requires that your content is completely unique.

Unique Content is a Must for Successful Marketing

Most companies understand the importance of having content on their sites. However, what I’ve found is that while they know they need it, they will also often try to cut corners when they write and publish it. For example, they might write one piece of “new” content, in which they will substitute out a couple of phrases or words from existing articles, or sometimes they’ll substitute different geography and just reuse the same content. The problem with that is that Google’s smarter than that.

If you want Google to pay attention to your content, it needs to be unique. Now, we all have limitations. Inevitably, the next question from clients is, “Yes, it should be unique, but how unique does it have to be?” The simple response is that if you have to ask, your content isn’t unique enough. It has to be completely and utterly unique.

Making Content Unique

There are numerous strategies you can use to ensure that your content is unique. One of the ways I make sure that content is unique is by employing several different copywriters to write on similar topics. Because I know that inevitably, each of them will approach it differently, with different perspectives. They will say things in different ways, and inherently it will be unique. That’s an easy fix, just by hiring separate copywriters, I know I’ll get unique content.

What we need to remember is that Google doesn’t want to serve the same content on your site if it’s the same or virtually the same on another site. Publishing duplicate content will not get the SEO results you want, and you will have spent time and money for nothing. So, when you’re writing content, remember that if you want it to be good, don’t cut any corners – make sure it’s completely unique.

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