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Getting Started on Twitter

If you only do One Thing this month- to improve your business’ potential to market itself online- start using Twitter.

Track Offline Marketing ROI Using Google Analytics

Are you getting any ROI from your offline marketing efforts, or are you making business decisions based upon how you feel about the success of a campaign? There is a better way to measure marketing…

Measure Your Marketing ROI: One Simple Method

How much are you spending on your marketing efforts? Is it generating more revenue than you are paying?

Find Good Guest Blogging Opportunities

Are there any good guest blogging opportunities available these days, or are they all low-quality, spam? I think they still exist- let me tell you where I found them.

Is SEO right for your business?

I think most business owners react the same way I did, when I first heard about the idea behind search engine optimization: “That’s cool! I want that!”

SEM, PPC, SEO- What’s the Difference?

SEM, SEO, PPC, XYZ, PDQ- what do all these acronyms mean, and can they help your business?

Is there a difference between content marketing and SEO?

Some people are saying that content marketing is the new SEO. What’s the difference? Is it right for your business?

Do B2B SEO campaigns work?

While it’s true that an SEO campaign won’t necessarily help every kind of business, can it help companies with a business-to-business focus? Yes, it can.

How Will A Link Help My Website?

So you’ve heard you need to do “link building” to help your website. Well, not all links are equally valuable. Apply this flow chart to a link (or a potential link you might attempt to…

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