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What is HTTPs and what does it do for you?

Ever since Google suggested websites move to HTTPS, a lot of businesses have made the migration. Along they way, many of them had made mistakes. Some of these mistake come from mis-understanding what this really…

9 Ways to Make Your Visitors EAT-up Your Website?

When I’m not on the internet, I’m in my kitchen. I love cooking because I love eating. As an aspiring chef I’ve learned that food not only has to taste good, but has to look…

How to Solve Lead-Quality Problems

Have you ever had a hard time seeing the value of your marketing efforts? Have you ever found yourself in a debate about lead quality between sales and marketing? These are common problems for many…

How to grow your email list

If you only had time do to One Thing for your marketing efforts, this month, you should build your email list. If you don’t believe me, you might take Adam Holden-Bache‘s word for it. Here’s…

What do others say about your business?

If you do One Thing, to grow your online marketing efforts, this month you should start tracking what others say about your business.

Answer Your Customers’ Question

If you do One Thing to market your business this month, answer a question on your website.

Improve Your Page Load Speeds

If you do One Thing this month, to improve your website’s ability to produce leads, make it your website’s page loading speeds.

Getting Started on Twitter

If you only do One Thing this month- to improve your business’ potential to market itself online- start using Twitter.

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