Reliable Acorn, LLC

Local Internet Marketing Services

Are you a small business owner? Are your customers able to find you on the internet? To save a little money, are you willing to do the work yourself?

The Greenthumb plan is for you.

Reliable Acorn was frustrated at the internet marketing services available to small businesses in Charlotte. That’s why we created this plan. It’s designed to empower you, as a small business owner, to manage your own assets and maximize your reach while saving you money.

What do you get?


  • Submit your business to 75+ local business directories (Google, Yelp, Facebook, Superpages, and many more using the Yext service). What will this do for you? When people search for your business, using any of these apps, websites or search engines, they can find you and become a customer. Can they find you now?
  • Easy maintenance of your listings across multiple websites. The Yext tool allows you to have one dashboard to update all your listings. You can update everything from your hours (which might change with holidays, for instance) to monthly specials or deals. What will this do for you? By keeping information up to date, you are helpful to customers. You are also able to give them a reason to “check-in” on you, to see the regular specials.
  • Exclusive: Duplicate listing cleanup. Have you ever tried to call a business you found online, only to find out their number was incorrect? The Yext tool allows you to suppress incorrect listings and only show the most up-to-date information. What does this do for you? If you’ve ever changed your number or moved your location- this is essential to make sure customers can easily find you.


If you’re wanting more than a DIY program, but your budget is limited, you might consider our Sapling program for small business web marketing.

What does this cost?

  • $55 a month (that’s a 34% discount off of the retail cost- plus added features Yext doesn’t give the typical subscriber)
  • Time for you to invest in this effort. This is the Greenthumb program. It’s designed for business owners who can manage their internet marketing services themselves. How much time will this take? It will take a little time to setup your listings at first (about 3 hours). After that, it might take you an hour to manage these listings, each month (updating your information and deals).

How do you begin?

Don’t forget to mention the Greenthumb program!


Why should you work with Reliable Acorn?

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  • In order to help smaller businesses in Charlotte (and beyond), Reliable Acorn is allowing you to piggy-back on services they use for their typical clients. This allows us to pass the discounts on to you.
  • Reliable Acorn charges you each month. If you go directly through Yext, you will have to pay up-front for the year.
  • You get exclusive features that are not normally accessible to small businesses. For instance, the duplicate suppression is not available to retail Yext customers.
  • Although the Greenthumb program is DIY, you’ll benefit from lessons Reliable Acorn learns from it’s other online marketing clients. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and opportunities for our clients. As we learn these opportunities, we’ll pass them along to you, too.