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A great place to start an online marketing campaign is with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. There are several advantages to starting with PPC:

  1. PPC generates results quickly. Other forms of search marketing take a while to ramp-up, but not paid search- you’ll begin to see new leads and sales in short-order.
  2. Helps you find how your customers are searching for your products or services. You might think your customers are looking for your business using certain terms- PPC will quickly show if those phrases are correct and help find new phrases that you might not have considered.
  3. See how much you could potentially gain from online marketing. Is web marketing right for your business? The benchmark data gained from a PPC campaign will help you know.
  4. Identify marketing language and unique selling propositions to which your customers respond. Part of Reliable Acorn’s PPC services is to find the messages to which your customers will best respond.

Reliable Acorn provides PPC services from Charlotte, NC using Google AdWords, Bing AdCenter and even Facebook or LinkedIn.

Reliable Acorn does not recommend PPC services for every business. It can often be expensive to begin pay-per-click advertising. Although a properly managed PPC campaign can derive a significant profit for many companies, the up-front costs can sometimes be prohibitive. This is also why companies without clear ideas about the value of a lead or the profit from a sale might want to steer clear of PPC. If you are paying for a click, you need to know how much money you can make from a sale to justify the cost.

Are you curious if your business could benefit from Reliable Acorn’s PPC services? Contact us today and we’ll help you know.

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