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Search engine optimization is not right for every business. You read that correctly: Reliable Acorn offers SEO consulting services in Charlotte, NC but doesn’t recommend SEO for every business.

SEO is best for companies that have products or services that are in demand. Your customers should already know your products and services exist- and are actively looking for them.

SEO is not a good fit for companies that require results quickly. It is best for companies that have the time to invest in long-term gains. If you need results quickly, you should consider a PPC campaign.

What Does an SEO Campaign Look Like?

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Sometimes people think that search engine optimization is a destination. It’s really a journey.

The SEO journey starts with making sure you can measure the results of your search engine optimization campaign. Part of measuring the success of your campaign is determining what your company hopes to get from the campaign- typically this is leads or sales.

Once you know what you are aiming for, and how to measure it, the second step is determining if your website was set up properly. Even the best web developers overlook things that the search engine spiders think are important. Part of Reliable Acorn’s SEO consulting efforts is to make sure your website is completely accessible to the search engines and that they search engines can read your website. Think of your SEO consultant as an advocate for Google.


David Zimmerman is a frequent speaker at SEM CLT.

Now that you know the search engines can read and crawl your website, it’s time to start improving your website’s content. Search engines, after all, are just computer programs. They need words to know what your web pages are about. What words should you use? That’s something Reliable Acorn will help you decide as part of your SEO campaign.

Finally, after you have a measurable goal from your crawlable website filled with quality content, it’s time to build links. This can be the most powerful part of any SEO effort, but it’s also the most risky. Some SEO consultants believe they can trick Google to get their client’s site to the “top of the SERPs.” To do that they have to take risks. Good SEO consulting, like Reliable Acorn practices, helps build links that outlast long-term changes in the Google algorithm. Social Media can help with link building, too.

If you think SEO consulting with Reliable Acorn can help your company, contact us today. Not sure yet? Perhaps you need to start with an SEO audit.

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