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Should a B2B company do social media marketing?

There’s a lot of talk about social media marketing Charlotte for a consumer-oriented business. It’s easy to understand how social media can help a B2C company.  A consumer-focused business should market where the consumers are- and more and more of them are on social media.  Many consumers turn to social media as a sort of search engine. They ask their friends for recommendations or product suggestions. Besides, it’s easy to produce interesting content for consumer-focused products.

A B2B company can find similar success with social media marketing. Manufacturers turn to LinkedIn for supplier recommendations. IT departments might turn to Twitter to keep up with changes in technology. You might even be suprised how many B2B companies are looking for solutions to their problems on Facebook, too. Shouldn’t your business market where these customers are looking?

Paid Social Media Marketing Strategies

In some cases, a business could consider paid social media. This involves a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression solution to help promote your services.

Paid social media can help your company:

  • Promote your services to a specific and targeted audience.
  • Grow soft-leads by encouraging white-paper downloads or growing an email list.
  • Grow your organic social media reach by gaining more followers.
Social Media Marketing Charlotte

David Zimmerman was a featured speaker at Social Media Charlotte

Social Media Marketing Charlotte from Reliable Acorn

Social media marketing services can be part of a productive online marketing strategy. As with other marketing, these efforts need to have clear goals and quantifiable results.

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