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Comprehensive SEO Audits

Is your website setup in a way to make it easy for the search engines to read it? When they visit your website, do they know what you have to offer? Are you missing out on opportunities you might be able to get from the search engines?

If you don’t know, you might need an SEO audit. This involves making sure your website is setup correctly and has the potential to be served to people looking for the answers you provide for their questions.

Google recommends everyone start their SEO campaign with an audit

SEO Audits Are Perfect for Businesses Who:

  • Are just getting into web marketing. An SEO audit will help you see what it might take to get more customers from the search engines.
  • Have their own development teams. An SEO audit can help give your dev teams direction to setup your website for success. If you don’t have your own resources, Reliable Acorn can suggest quality web developers who can help.
  • Have their own marketing departments. Want to learn what it will take to get more out of your website- an SEO audit can give those answers. If you don’t have your own marketing department, let Reliable Acorn be your SEO consultant.

What An SEO Audit Includes

  • A review of your website’s code to understand how it was built and how it’s being rendered- not only to users but also to the search engine spiders.
  • A review of your website’s content. We want to make sure you’re speaking your customer’s language so, when they search for you, they find you. We’ll also show you more opportunities which you might have missed.
  • A review of your website’s back link profile. We want to make sure your links conform with Google’s latest guidelines. We’ll offer suggestions on what to do with your existing lists and ways to get more links to your website.
  • A list of doable items. Some of these you might be able to take care of yourself. You might have to pass other suggestions to your web developer to make.
  • Every audit comes with a specific amount of consulting time- to make sure you understand the suggestions made and how to implement them on your website.

Whenever Reliable Acorn does an SEO audit, we always recommend a follow-up audit after the suggestions for your website have been implemented. This is so you can see the results of your actions and how it has helped your website- and your business.

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